The Buffalo Bills record for turnovers in Today's loss to the Denver Broncos.

Broncos' kicker Wil Lutz missed the first down, but the Bills were marked with 12 men on defense and Lutz converted on the second opportunity.

The Bills' record fell to 5-5 this season and they fell to 10th place in the AFC standings.

James Cook, who committed two fouls but recovered one en route to a big win and put the Bills at risk; final touchdown, 120 total yards.

The Bills' offense struggled to gain momentum in the first half and trailed 15-8 at halftime after three first-half turnovers dashed their positive momentum.

Broncos quarter is back Russell Wilson took a knee at the Buffalo 23-yard line to line with 24 seconds left and no timeout. Denver quickly set up its field unit.

Against Denver, the Bills switched from defense to blocking downfield and saw Lutz miss a 41-yard field goal.

After a 5-yard field goal, Lutz made a 36-yard field goal. The game is finished, but Broncos win.